• Whether use of swimming pools, Jacuzzi and sauna is free؟

    Yes, for hotel resident guests is free.
  • Is it possible to rent a car without a driver through the hotel؟

    At the entrance to the hotel, car rental agency with rentconditions in Kish Island is ready to provide services to the guests.
  • How is water entertainment at the Marina for hotel guests ؟

    With reference to receptionist and provide tickets, water sports are offered special discounts for guests.
  • Do you have baby carriage for all guests for safekeeping؟

    No, for personal hygiene issue,it is better to bring.
  • What evidence is required for hotel reservations؟

    Names guests with national numbers – credit card with a second password - your mobile phone number and email address to communicate and send the reservation confirmation via SMS and email.
  • According to hotel laws, is possible permit four subjects in the one room؟

    Usually in double rooms put extra bed for child under 15 years is possible, but in some cases, depending on the age and condition of the children by calling the hotel reception to get the correct answer.
  • How to get our price list؟

    Via the online reservation that price room listed in this.
  • Introduce your partner agencies to provide tour ؟

    All agencies in the country have communicate and reservations for the hotel's guests.
  • To stay at the Marina Park Hotel, the most recommended online shopping or visiting the travel agency ؟

    If you have plane ticket, buy online is more convenient, but can also be taken independently from the agencies.